Medical Treatment Equipmentchoose products

With the advancement of electronic technology, the digitalization and electronification of medical therapeutic equipment are becoming more and more popular. Compared with the traditional scalpels and procedures used during surgeries, electrical equipment has replaced non-electrical surgical equipment, such as da Vinci minimal invasive surgery, high-frequency electrosurgery, endoscopic electric cutters, shock wave lithotripter, hemodialysis instrument, infusion pump, sterilization pot, neonatal jaundice illuminator, electrical dental equipment, and other electronics required in hospital operating rooms. All types of medical equipment require the DC voltage of the power supply to drive, and MEAN WELL’s enclosed type MSP/RPS-C series, or modular NMP series, PCB type MFM/MPM/RPS series, etc., can all provide a variety of DC output voltage options. The DC-DC module MDS/MDD series can be incorporated to achieve ultra-low leakage current <10μA and improve system EMI performance. In addition, portable instruments can also be powered by external GSM/GEM series adapters. These power products are all certified to medical safety regulations, designed to meet 2xMOPP insulation grade (most models), outstanding EMC performance, and low leakage current, which can save the end system a lot of verification time and cost.