Microbiology Testing choose products

Due to the increasing demand for microbiology research, medical diagnosis, and testing, researchers or medical personnel must perform high-resolution imaging through electron microscopy, biometrics, microbiological diagnostic systems, etc. In order to analyze the microbes that are invisible to the human eye. There are many kinds of related instruments, such as a transmission electron microscope (TEM), energy filtering transmission electron microscope (EFTEM), scanning electron microscope (SEM), or cryo-electron microscopy. The mechanism and power requirements for different types of electron microscopes are different. In addition, there are extremely high requirements for EMC to ensure accurate and interference-free results and image. MEAN WELL offers a variety of high-performance medical-grade power supplies to fulfill the variety of requirements. In particular, the built-in bare-type RPS/MFM/MPM series can operate under fanless natural air-cooling conditions, avoiding vibrations that may affect imaging results. Both pass the latest IEC/EN/UL 60601-1 medical grade safety and EMC certifications, which is very suitable for microbiological testing related equipment.