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Switching power adapter usage

How should the switching power adapter be used?Up to now, there are many industries that need to use the switching power adapter, so how to correctly use the switching power adapter is a very important thing, so next I will introduce the use of the Switching power supply adapter?Each different switch power adapter power is different, so we want to use our purchasing adapters, will browse our nameplate content first, it tells us the power of this product range, output voltage and input voltage information, we use the use of suitable for you need according to the specific product information to use, the power adapter manufacturer production power converter (both AC DC), mostly by the alternating current into direct current, then through the computer, it can't protect computer, but there is a storage power of computer storage (also called charger), so at the time of power outage can protect the computer.Switching power supply and adapter are switching power supply, which are composed of high frequency switching tube and its control circuit. While the adapter power supply is a stabilized switching power supply, the switching power charger has the function of floating charging. The voltage is increased with the decrease of the current, and there is only voltage and no current after.Power adapters are needed for games consoles, walkmen, laptops, cell phones, and more. In simple terms, the power adapter is the role of transformer, that is, the high voltage of the visual AC, through the power adapter rectification, transformer, into low voltage DC power, such as the input: 100-240 vac50-60 hz output: 12VDC1A this is the high voltage 100-240 v into low voltage 12V. Generally speaking, there is a nameplate on the power adapter, indicating the power, output and input voltage and current flow and other targets, special attention should be paid to the scope of the output voltage, if the mains voltage as long as 100V range, this feature is very effective. It can be said that the function of the power adapter is to convert voltage, current function.Power adapter is a small portable electronic equipment and electrical and electronic power supply conversion equipment, it puts the power external, with a line and the host connection, so you can reduce the size and weight of the host, only a few equipment and electrical power is built into the host. The main role of the power adapter is to convert the voltage and current, so that the equipment to a safe range.

Medical switching power adapter

What are the models of medical switching power adapter?Switch power adapter has become the most used in switching power supply of accessories, a lot of switch power adapter manufacturers have introduced a lot of models for customer choice, meanwell power supply is also same, meanwell switching power supply as a leading enterprise in the power producers, their production of switch power adapter is the most natural and the most excellent, small make up today is to introduce in detail what are the models under medical switch power adapter?1. The Desktop (VI)The power of the VI level switching power adapter of the desktop is 18w-220w. The models are: GSM40A, GSM60A, GSM90A, GSM120A, GSM160A, GSM220A, GSM18B, GSM25B, GSM36B, GSM40B, GSM60B, GSM90B, GSM120B, GSM160B, GSM220B, they have the characteristics of Medical safety approved (2xMOPP), BF application(B type only), Energy efficiency Level VI (gsm06/18/25/36/40/60 5~9V: Level V), No load power consumption 2. Wall mounted (grade V/VI)The power of the wall-mounted switching power adapter is 6w-36w. The models are: GSM36U, GSM60U, GSM06U, GSM12U, GSM18U, GSM25U, GSM06E, GSM12E, GSM18E, GSM25E, GSM36E, GSM60E, GEM12I, GEM18I, GEM30I, GEM40I, GEM60I, their characteristics are Medical safety approval (2xMOPP), BF applications, Energy efficiency Level VI (gsm06/12 and gsm18/25/36 5~9V for Level V), No load power consumption Switch power adapter purchase link: https://www.meanwellkulon.com/products-index.htm

Industrial switching power adapter

What are the switching power adapter used in industry?Switch power adapter is generally according to different use scenarios have different models, generally speaking, there are industrial types and medical types, etc., today to introduce you is about the industrial switch power adapter solution.1. Desktop (V level, VI level)The wattage range of the v-class switching power adapter for the desktop is 18w-280w. The models are GS18A, GS18B, GS25A and GS25B. They are characterized by Energy efficiency level VI, No load power consumption The vs-level switching power adapter of the desktop is 18w-280w, models include GST120A, GS160TA, GST220A, GST280A, GS15A, GST18A, GST25A, GST40A, GST60A, GST90A, GS15B, GST18B, GST25B, GST36B, GP25A, GP25B, GP50A. They feature Global safety certificates for GST series :UL, TUV, PSE, RCM, KC, SIRIM, BIS, EAC, BSMI, CCC, Energy efficiency Level VI, No load power consumption 2. Wall-mounted (grade V, grade VI)Wall-mounted v-class switching power adapter wattage range is 12w-36w, models are GS18U, GS25U, GS12U, GS36U, GS12E, GS18E, GS25E, GS36E, they are featured by Energy efficiency Level V, No load power consumption The wall-mounted VI class switching power adapter has a wattage range of 5w-60w, Models include gs05u-usb, GS06U, GS15U, GST18U, GST25U, GST36U, gs05e-usb, GS06E, gss15e, GST18E, GST25E, GST36E, SGA12U, SGA18U, SGA25U, SGA60U, SGA18E, SGA12E, SGA40E, SGA60E, SGA40CH, GE12, GE18, GE24, GE30. They are characterized by Energy efficiency Level VI, No load power consumption Switch power adapter purchase link: https://www.meanwellkulon.com/products-index.htm

High frequency switching power adapter

Title:What are the advantages of high frequency switching power adapters?Now the switching power supply market has quickly into various industries, in order to meet the demand of all the enterprises of switch power supply, we are constantly updating our switching power supply products, one of the biggest advantage is "switch power adapter", has occupied a large proportion in the global market, small make up today is detailed to introduce the high frequency switching power adapter have what advantage?Low power consumption and high efficiencyMeanWell many the advantage of high frequency switching power supply adapter, which includes the low consumption, high efficiency, small volume, light weight, the characteristics of high frequency switch power adapter switch tube is under the action of excitation signal work alternately, and turn the switch tube is very fast, is generally 50 KHZ, and hundreds of KHZ, can we achieve MeanWell power supply has been part of the high frequency switch power adapter can even reach 1000 KHZ. We also abandoned the previous relatively heavy power frequency transformer, and because of the switch on the dissipation of power is greatly reduced, save a lot of heat sink, so to achieve the characteristics of small size, light weight.Meanwell high-frequency switching power supply adapter voltage range is very wide, without any limitation, high frequency switching power supply output voltage is used to regulate the excitation signal, and the change of the input signal voltage can compensate by FM or adjustable wide, so in the power system of power frequency voltage change is bigger, it can still guarantee has the stable output voltage. Therefore, the voltage stabilizing range of high-frequency switching power supply is very wide and the voltage stabilizing effect is very good. In addition, there are two methods to change the duty cycle of switch tube: pulse width modulation type and frequency modulation type. In this way, the high frequency switching power supply not only has the advantages of a wide range of voltage stabilization, but also has many methods to achieve voltage stabilization, designers can according to the actual application requirements, flexibly choose various types of high frequency switching power supply.

Switching Power Adapter

What are the good switching power adapter manufacturers? How many switchingpower adapters are there?Current switching power adapters are all through the use ofmodern power technology to control the switch on and off time ratio, maintain astable output voltage of a switching power supply. The switching power supply adapter is constantly improvingin the direction of high frequency, stable, low noise, anti-interference andmodularization, and the similar linear power supply is continuously improvingin one of the output power points.The development of high frequency switch power adapter isnow most of the power supply manufacturer's main goal, meanwell power supply,too, meanwell power supply through continuously improve, now adopted by theswitch power adapter has a light weight, ultra small volume, perfect thindegree, and through the new switch technology, greatly improved the workefficiency and reliability of the switching power adapter, far more than thesame power supply manufacturer. Meanwell switching power supply also USESmodular distribution to form the power supply system, which is designed as anN+1 redundant power supply system with capacity expansion in parallel.Regarding the problem of high noise, meanwell switching power supply adoptspartial resonant conversion circuit technology, which not only realizes highfrequency, but also greatly reduces the noise.One, DC/DC transformationDC/DC conversion is the conversion of a fixed DC voltageinto a variable DC voltage, also known as DC chopper. There are two workingmodes of chopper, one is the pulse width modulation mode Ts unchanged, changeton(general), the other is the frequency modulation mode, ton unchanged, changeTs(easy to produce interference). Its specific circuit consists of thefollowing categories:(1)Buck circuit -- Buck chopper, whose average outputvoltage U0 is less than the input voltage Ui, with the same polarity.(2)Boost circuit -- step-up chopper, whose average outputvoltage U0 is greater than the input voltage Ui, with the same polarity.(3) buck-boost circuit -- Buck or Boost chopper, whoseoutput average voltage U0 is greater than or less than the input voltage Ui,polarity is opposite, inductance transmission.(4)Cuk circuit -- step-down or step-up chopper, whose outputaverage voltage U0 is greater than or less than the input voltage Ui, polarityis opposite, capacitor transmission.AC/DC transformationAC/DC transformation is the AC into DC, its power flow canbe two-way, power flow from the power supply to the load is called"rectification", power flow from the load back to the power supply iscalled "active inverter". AC/DC converter input is 50/60 hzalternating current (AC), because must by the rectifier, filter, so arelatively large volume of filter capacitor is necessary, at the same time dueto meet safety standards (such as UL, CCEE) and the limitation of EMC directive(such as IEC, the FCC, CSA), AC input side must add EMC filter and used inaccordance with safety standards components, thus limiting the miniaturizationof AC/DC power supply volume, in addition, due to internal high frequency, highvoltage, large current switch action, that solve the problem of electromagneticcompatibility EMC harder. For the same reason, high voltage and large currentswitches make the power supply work loss increase, which limits the process ofAC/DC converter modularization. Therefore, the power system optimization designmethod must be adopted to make its work efficiency reach a certain degree ofsatisfaction.AC/DC transformation according to the wiring mode of thecircuit can be divided into, half wave circuit, full wave circuit. According tothe power supply phase number can be divided into, single-phase, three-phase,polyphase. According to the working quadrant of the circuit can be divided intoa quadrant, two quadrants, three quadrants, four quadrants.The above is provided by meanwell power distributor Kulon electronics.This paper address: https://www.meanwellkulon.com/Related articles:

Notes on choosing a switching power supply?

a: To increase the reliability of the S.P.S., we suggest users choose a unit that has a rating of 30% more power than actual need. For example, if the system needs a 100W source, we suggest that users choose a S.P.S. with 130W of output power .or more. By doing this, you can effectively boost the reliability of the S.P.S. in your system. b : We also need to consider about ambient temperature of the S.P.S. and whether there is additional device for dissipating the heat. If the S.P.S. is working in a high temperature environment, we need to make some derating to the output power. The derating curve of "ambient temperature" versus "output power" can be found on our spec sheets. c : Choosing functions based on your application:      1. Protection function: Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Over Temperature Protection (OVP), Over Load Protection (OLP), and etc.      2. Application function: Signaling Function (Power Good, Power Fail), Remote Control, Remote Sensing, and etc.      3. Special function: Power Factor Correction (PFC), Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) function. d : Make sure that the model qualifies for the safety standards and EMC regulations you need.

How do we choose a power supply to charge a battery?

MEAN WELL has ESC, SC, PA, PB series for battery charger purpose (120~360W). If these series does not meet customers� demands and they like to choose a power supply as a charger, we advice to pick up one which over load protection (OLP) mode is constant current limiting. The models in this mode provide constant current even when the protection circuit is triggered.  The second choice is fold-back current limiting .or constant wattage model. In this model, when a battery is running low, the output current of the power supplywill gently increase. The level of increase depends on battery抯 capacity and degree of exhaustion.  Hiccup .or shut down model are not recommended because it will stop to generate current when OLP happens. 

Can MEANWELL power supply be used in the range of 45Hz ~ 440Hz? If YES, what will happen?

MEAN WELL power supply can be used within this frequency range.  But if the frequency is too low, the efficiency will also be lower. For example, when a SP-200-24 is operated under 230VAC and rated load, if the frequency of AC input is 60 Hz, the efficiency is around 84%; however, if the frequency of AC input reduces to 50 Hz, the efficiency will be around 83.8%. If the frequency is too high, the power factor of the S.P.S. with PFC (power factor correction) function will reduce and this also will cause higher leakage current. For example, when a SP-200-24 is operated under 230VAC and rated load, if the frequency of AC input is 60 Hz, the power factor is 0.93 and the leakage current is around 0.7mA; however, if the frequency of AC input increase to 440 Hz, the power factor will decrease to 0.75 and the leakage current will rise to around 4.3mA.

If we need a 24V output power supply, but MEANWELL does not have this model, can we use two 12V powe

YES, basically you can do this to get the right output voltage, but be careful that the rated output current of the series system should be the rating of the minimum one in these series connected power supplies. Furthermore, we like you to parallel a diode at the output of power supply to prevent possible damage of internal capacitors.

If we need a 600W output, can we use two units of S-320 connected in parallel?

No, you can not do this connection because S-320 is not equipped with the parallel function. When two power suppliesare connected in parallel, the one with higher output voltage will share more loading and deliver more (even "all") powerto the load and cause these two power supplies to be unbalanced. We suggest using PSP-300 or PSP-500 because it is equipped with the current sharing function.

When testing a dual output power supply, the +5V channel is correct, but the +12V channel is over th

There are some minimum-load requirements on MEAN WELL抯 multi-output power supplies, please refer to the specification first before connecting the load. When the load condition is 5V/4A, 12V/0A, the output voltage of the 12V channel will be around 12.8V that is over the �6% of voltage deviation (12.72V) specified in the spec. sheet.If we add in the minimum load 0.2A to the 12V channel, the 12V channel will reduce to around 12.3V which is within the specification.

Why I can not turn on the power supply smoothly when the loads are motors, light bulbs .or capacitiv

If you connect the S.P.S. to motors, light bulbs, .or high capacitive loads, you will have a high output surge current when you turn on the S.P.S. and this high surge current will cause failure of start up. We suggest using S.P.S. with constant current limiting protection to deal with these loads.

Why did the power supply shuts down during operation and after turning it off, I can restart the pow

In general there are two circumstances that will cause the power supply to shut down. The first one is the activation of the over-load-protection (OLP). To deal with this situation, we suggest increasing the rating of the output power .or modifying the OLP point. The second one is the activation of over-temperature protection (OTP) when the internal temperature reaches the pre-set value. All of these conditions will let the S.P.S. enter protection mode and shut down. After these conditions are removed, the S.P.S. will be back to normal.

The output ground (GND) and frame ground (FG) is the same point in my system, can MEANWELL抯 power su

Yes. Since our products are designed based on isolation concept, it will be no problem that the output ground (GND) and frame ground (FG) is the same point in your system. But, EMI may be affect by this connection.