In MEANWELL catalog, we see AC and DC at input, what is it all about?
Due to different circuit designs, MEAN WELL power supply抯 input consists of three types as below:(v2VAC?VDC)  
c.85~132VAC/176~264VAC by Switch; 250~370VDC  
In a and b inputs models, power supply can work properly no matter under AC or DC input. Some models need correct connection of input
poles, positive pole connects to AC/L; negative pole connects to AC/N. Others may require opposite connection, positive pole to AC/N;
negative pole to AC/L. If customers make a wrong connection, the power supply will not be broken. You can just reverse the input poles
and power supply will still work. 
In c input models, please make sure that you switch the 115/230V input correctly. If the switch is on the 115V side and the real input is
230V, the power supply will be damaged.

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